10 Easy Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

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10 Easy Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

Danielle Murnane
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Do you struggle to manifest your desires into your three-dimensional reality?

Whether you're trying to attract your soulmate, obtain the perfect job or dream home, 10 Easy Steps to Manifest Your Dreams will guide you in manifesting the life of your dreams by combining science and divine wisdom in an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.

In this interactive ebook you will be guided through the following techniques:

1. Setting a clear intention
2. Practicing gratitude
3. Removing limiting beliefs
4. Visualisation mediation
5. Creating a vision board
6. The power of scripting
7. Making your desire "familiar"
8. Manifesting in sync with lunar cycles
9. How to take inspired action
10. Surrendering to divine timing

In addition to that, you will receive an audio recording of a powerful visualisation manifesting meditation, practical exercises and journaling prompts to help you create your dream life.

Reclaim your divine power, unlock your magic and turn your dreams into reality.

I believe in you.

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Interactive ebook with step-by-step instructions, practical exercises and journal prompts to manifest your dreams

AUDIO RECORDING: Visualisation Manifesting Meditation
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